Alien Plant and Tree Clearing

Invasive alien vegetation refers to plants brought to South Africa from other countries, both intentionally and unintentionally, that cause human, environmental or economic harm.
Without natural enemies, these plants reproduce and spread rapidly, taking valuable water and space from our indigenous plants.
Many alien plants consume more water than local plants, depleting our valuable underground water resources.
Dense alien vegetation can also provide plenty of fuel for veld fires, making them exceptionally hot, which damages the burnt area’s soil structure.
Invasive alien plants are a major threat to biodiversity in catchment areas, potentially disrupting the delicate natural balance in ecosystems.
As we depend on biodiversity for water, food, wood, clean air, medicine and much more,  it is vitally important that we protect this resource. 
The top 10 invasive alien plants affecting the Western Cape are:
                            1. Rooikrans
                            2. Black wattle
                            3. Port Jackson
                            4. Silky hakea
                            5. Long-leafed wattle
                            6. Stinkbean
                            7. Australian myrtle
                            8. Spider gum
                            9. Cluster pine
                            10. Blackwood

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